Who We Are?

TreeCode is one of div Systems' products. div Systems is a leading software house that introduces software services and products for various industries by providing dedicated groups of highly skilled and creative programmers.

Our Story and Journey

We've always aimed to build the biggest multi-party marketplace that connects all of the key players in the supply chain ecosystem to give end-customers a better experience as well as provide end-to-end visibility.

in 2019, we went on our first mile as an e-commerce platform for businesses and a marketplace, allowing any merchant to sell their products online, manage their transactions, communicate with clients, deliver their parcels, and process payments using the Treecodeplatform.

In 2020, we discovered that due to strong competition and high consumer expectations, #LastMileDelivery is no longer a luxury, but a necessity, based on accurate study and deep analysis of the supply chain and customer behavior following the pandemic. People have realized how much easier it is to shop online from the comfort of their own homes, therefore as more orders are placed, more deliveries will be made, necessitating businesses to invest in a reliable and highly effective last-mile delivery management solution to meet this need

In 2021, we made a real effort to develop a clear vision of what it could be, look like, and feel like. It took a year to gain a better understanding of the idea and verify its validity. However, having a vision and a strategy isn't enough; in order to go forward, we needed to start working on them. The first steps required extensive research. We met many like-minded entrepreneurs, potential investors, 'business angels,' and mentors, and we got valuable experience.

We took a practical approach and listened to our customers. We planned new features, and product improvements, and set priorities based on customer feedback. It took a long time to make sure we got everything right.​

Finally, by the beginning of the year 2022, we have achieved our goal of launching our SaaS solution, the smart delivery management platform, which enables global 3pl firms and e-commerce organizations to optimize, automate, track, and streamline end-to-end logistics and supply chain operations. We are on the path to developing a completely integrated track-and-trace platform that will be not only efficient but also smart and profitable for companies.