Delegate Mobile Application

The Delegate app is an Android and iOS-based application that helps you track your deliveries turn by turn until they reach their destination. It allows delegates to capture proof of delivery and send real-time status updates to customers. You will benefit from real-time status updates through the app, which will help you keep track of your delivery teams' efficiency. You can also push notifications on the app when an order is assigned, and delegates can use external maps to navigate to the customer location and track and improve their performance.


Runsheet & Full Tracking

The application enables you to track the status of the shipment, starting from sending the merchant pick-up request until it is delivered to the customer. 

 The run sheet includes information such as pick-up location, drop-off location, estimated delivery time, and any special instructions for the delivery. it you to stay organized and ensures that all deliveries are made on time and according to customer specifications.

Shipment Classification

The application enables the user to make an endless number of shipments for different customers in one pickup and allows him to specify/classify the type of each shipment. 

The application automatically distributes shipments on different screens according to each shipment type. 

Multiple User Interfaces 

Manage who can use your system and what access they have, this function allows companies creating different type of users and assigning tasks for them with limited permissions for example, merchants, inventory manager, accountant, and operation team.

This allows you to manage all your system users and gives you advantage in monitoring your team.

Advanced Pricing Policy

This function allows businesses to define and configure pricing policies for their customers based on size, weight, and region. This allows businesses to customize their pricing policies to better meet the needs of their customers. For example, businesses can set different prices for different sizes or weights of products, or they can set different prices for customers in different regions. This helps businesses maximize their profits while still providing competitive prices to their customers.

Multiple Branches 

The multi-branch feature in Treecode allows businesses to add multiple branches to their account and specify the responsible managers and locations for each one of them. With this feature, businesses can easily manage their logistics operations across different locations, enabling them to distribute shipments and pick-ups to the branches automatically using the address and areas belonging to each branch.

Digital Wallet

The special wallet feature in Treecode is designed to provide Shipping Companies, merchants, and delegates with a dedicated digital wallet that enables them to track their account balance and view details of their previous shipments. This wallet can be accessed through the Treecode application, providing each one of them with a convenient and centralized platform for managing their logistics and financial activities.

Advanced Reports

Treecode Advanced reports are designed to provide users with valuable insights into their supply chain operations, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and optimize their performance. 

Treecode offers real-time data visualization features that enable users to view their supply chain data in easy-to-read charts, graphs, and dashboards. This would provide users with a quick and clear overview of their supply chain operations and performance.